Comprehensive Internet Security ™

Founded in 1991, SonicWALL, Inc. designs, develops and manufactures comprehensive Internet security solutions that are used by companies of all sizes to both protect their networks and provide secure remote access connectivity. Offering both appliance-based products as well as value-added security subscriptions, SonicWALL solutions are able to provide complete protection from a wide range of network security threats. SonicWALL security solutions are used across a number of different markets, including SOHO, SMB, Enterprise VPN, service providers, government, education and healthcare.

GROUPE-ACCES communications is a proud user of SonicWALL appliances throughout our network. All our internet gateways and routers are made by this excellent manufacturer and features the highest level of security features available in the marketplace today.

Wireless Broadband

Up to 20 Mbps
Quebec's Laurentians
Free router rental

High Speed VDSL/ADSL

Up to 50 Mbps
Available : Quebec, Ontario

Digital Telephony

Digital Telephony
North America Long distance included