MTO Telecom

MTO Telecom

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MTO Telecom is a telecommunications company located in Montreal, Canada, that has specialised in delivery of television services since 1990.

MTO Telecom is the owner and operator of a fiber optic network installed throughout the island of Montreal.

The cutting-edge technology used in MTO Telecom’s fiber optic network permits delivery of superior quality television and high speed Internet services to its customers located in apartment buildings, condominiums and other residential and commercial properties.

With high bandwidth capability and optical Ethernet technology, MTO Telecom’s fiber optic network provides telecommunications services of the highest quality at affordable prices.

GROUPE-ACCES communications uses MTO for much of its network backbone. Most of our Laurentian links terminate back in Montreal via microwave link onto the MTO network. Superb speed, reliability and 100% uptime!!

Wireless Broadband

Up to 20 Mbps
Quebec's Laurentians
Free router rental

High Speed VDSL/ADSL

Up to 50 Mbps
Available : Quebec, Ontario

Digital Telephony

Digital Telephony
North America Long distance included